Important news: Upcoming change to your Voicemail

What’s happening? We are discontinuing our existing voicemail system and switching to a new voicemail system that includes the latest technology and allows us to provide you with uninterrupted service. To accomplish this transition with no impact to you, please set up your new voicemail as soon as possible after the update has taken place.

Shortly after your voicemail has been updated, your previously saved voicemail messages will be automatically deleted. Please take action immediately if you have any voicemails you want to save. For tips on how to record a saved voicemail, see the “How to retain saved messages” section.

How to set up your voicemail
After you have been updated, please follow these simple steps to set up your Voicemail box.

  1. Open your Voicemail App.

  2. On the Voicemail main menu and click on the Set Up button.

  3. Type in your new password† twice and click Done after each time. The password will be autosaved after the second time.

  4. You will be transitioned to the Greetings menu. The default standard greeting will be auto selected. If you wish to keep the standard greeting, click Save and move to step 6. If you wish to record your own personal greeting, click Custom and move to step 5.

  5. Click Record to record your personal greeting. After you are done recording click Stop. Click on Play to listen to the recording. Once you are satisfied with your personal greeting, click Save.

  6. You will now see all your visual voicemail messages.


After you have been updated, please follow these simple steps to set up your Voicemail box.

  1. Access your Voicemail box by dialing “*86”, your 10-digit number or long press “1”.

  2. Follow these prompts to set up your Voicemail box:

    1. Choose English or Spanish as your language preference

    2. Set your 4-15 digit password

    3. Record your name

    4. Record or select your greeting

  3. Your Voicemail box is now ready to use.

For more detailed step-by-step instructions, click here

 Choosing a secure password: To protect your privacy, the Voicemail system doesn’t allow “easy-to-guess” passwords, including 4 or more repeating digits (3333), 4 or more consecutive digits (123456), or pair even or odd numbers together (2468 or 1357). Your choice of a unique password will be an important step in protecting your Voicemail messages.


How to access your saved voicemails after the update.

After the update, all your previously saved voicemails will still be available within Apple Visual Voicemail.

After the update, you may still access your previously saved messages for a short period of time. Press Option 4 from the new main menu, then press “*” to interrupt your previous greeting.

 Note that you will need your old voicemail PIN to access these saved voicemails.

How to retain saved messages

If you currently have saved voicemails and wish to retain them, please follow the recommendations below. We recommend taking action to retain any saved voicemails as early as possible, even before your voicemail has been updated.

If you have an Apple device with Apple Visual Voicemail, all your saved voicemails will be retained. After resetting your voicemail following the steps above, you will gain access to your visual voicemails.

There are several free apps on the Google Play Store that will allow you to record and save your voicemails. We recommend: Automatic Call Recorder developed by Appliquato.

  1. Download and launch the app.
  2. Dial into your voicemail system and access the old voicemails.
  3. Listen to the old saved voicemail.

NOTE: If you are doing this after your voicemail update, you will need to follow the steps here to access your voicemail.


  1. Close out of the voicemail app and the voicemail should be recorded.
  2. You can then choose to email or text the voicemail to yourself.

Important: The app will automatically record your calls when you are using the app. We recommend uninstalling the app after you are finished using it to retain any saved voicemails.


New Voicemail Navigation Map

There are some differences in the menu prompts for the new voicemail system. For example: On the old voicemail system, 7 is delete and save is 9. On the new system, 3 is delete and save is 2. Please see the attached voicemail navigation map to familiarize yourself with the new system.

About Voicemail-to-Text

If you are a Voicemail-To-Text subscriber, you will note some changes after the voicemail update. The core functionality of text transcriptions from Voicemail-To-Text will continue; however, the service was impacted in the following ways:

  • E-mail delivery of voice messages is no longer available
  • As home phones cannot receive text messages and e-mail delivery is no longer available as a voicemail delivery option, voicemail to text is no longer available for UScellular home phones.
  • The shortcut feature which provides a code in the text message to listen to the voicemail message is no longer available.
  • Long text transcriptions will now be combined into one text message instead of splitting up into multiple messages.
  • An audio file of your voicemail will be attached to the text message.
  • Transcribed voicemails will now come from the UScellular voicemail to text mailbox (
Apple Visual Voicemail

If you have an Apple device with Apple visual voicemail, all of your saved voicemails will be retained. After the voicemail update, reset your voicemail to gain access to your visual voicemails.

Learn more about Apple Visual Voicemail

    How to Reset a Distribution list

    If you have an Apple device with Apple visual voicemail, all of your saved voicemails will be retained. After the voicemail update, reset your voicemail to gain access to your visual voicemails.

    Learn more about Apple Visual Voicemail

      Frequently Asked Questions
      Are there any shortcuts that I can use while in my voicemail box?

      Yes, the voicemail map showcases the playback options available while listening to a voicemail message as well as the options available at the end of a message.

      How do I access my Voicemail from a land-line phone?

      Dial your 10-digit phone number then press “*” to interrupt the greeting.


      Note: If you try to access an uninitialized Voicemail box from a land-line (or any other alternate handset), you will not be successful. Access will only be gained if the Voicemail box has been initialized using your cellular handset. Also, callers won’t be able to leave you a voicemail message until your voicemail box is initialized.

      Can a deleted voicemail be recovered?

      No, once a message is deleted, there is no way to recover it once you hang up and end your current voicemail session.


      If you have not ended your current voicemail session, you can take the following steps to recover your deleted message:

      • From the Voicemail Main Menu, press “6” to access the “Review Deleted Messages” option
      Can I use a standard greeting where the voicemail greeting is my phone number as opposed to playing a personalized greeting or my first and last name?

      Yes, you can choose to have the voicemail system speak your number as opposed to having to record your name.

      During Initialization:

      • After selecting your language preference and setting up your password, you will be presented with the option to setup or skip your Voice Signature.


      • At this Voice Signature prompt, if you select to skip the voice signature, the system will default to the standard greeting where your phone number is spoken as your greeting
        Note: During the last step of initialization, select Personal Greeting, you should select the option of “skip” (vs. the option of “setup” to keep the standard greeting


      Any other time:


      • Access your Voicemail box, enter your password (if applicable), and go to the Main Menu


      • From the Voicemail Main Menu, press option “2” to access the “Greeting” menu and press option “1” to update your personal greeting preference.
      I accidentally set my voicemail box to Spanish, how do I change it back to English?
      1. Access your Voicemail box by dialing *86 on your wireless phone, or long pressing 1, or dialing your voicemail box number

      2. Enter your PIN number

      3. You are now taken to your mailbox. If you have voicemails in your voicemail box, they will begin playing automatically, otherwise you will be in the main menu.

      4. Press 3 for settings

      5. Press 7 for language

      6. Press 1 to change to English

      Is there a way to reset my voicemail password?

      Yes, you can change your password through the following steps in the voicemail menu:

      • From your Voicemail Main Menu, press option “3” to access the “Settings and Features” option; and, then press option “3” to access the “Change Password” option.


      • You will then hear the status of your password as “Protected or Unprotected” .


      • You will hear an option to unprotect/protect the mailbox depending on the existing status


      • You will then hear an option for changing your password
      Will I still be able to have access to my previously saved voicemails once my voicemail has been updated?

      Yes, once your voicemail box has been updated, you will have access to your previously saved voicemails for a short period of time. To access these voicemails, at the Voicemail Main Menu you will need to press “4” for Listen to Old Voicemails and enter your old voicemail password (PIN).


      For tips on how to record a saved voicemail, please see “How to retain saved messages“ section.

      What are the differences between my old password (PIN) and new password (PIN)?

      Your old password (PIN) is the one that you utilized to access your voicemail box prior to the voicemail update. Your new password (PIN) is the one that you set up when you initialized your voicemail box after the voicemail update. As you had the option of utilizing the same password when you set up your new voicemail box, this password could be the same for both.

      I can't remember my old password (PIN) to access my previously saved voicemails, how do I reset that password?

      You can call U.S. Cellular customer service to have your old voicemail password reset.

      What happened to email delivery as an option for Voicemail to Text?

      As part of our voicemail update, the preference of email delivery for the voicemail to text service was eliminated and no longer available. The delivery preference of text messages remains as the sole delivery option for this service.

      Does Voicemail to Text no longer support Home Phones?

      No, as part of our voicemail update, voicemail to text is no longer available for U.S. Cellular home phones since email delivery is no longer a voicemail delivery option.

      My SMS transcription used to include a short code that would take me directly to the voicemail i was reading in my text. Now, the link in the text message no longer appears and I have to listen to my voicemails to find the one from my SMS transcription. What happened?

      As part of our voicemail update, the option of receiving a link in the text message is no longer available. We will now send you an audio file of your transcribed voicemail so you can listen to it at your convenience.