Voice Mail Changes

What’s happening? We are discontinuing our existing voicemail system and switching to a new voicemail system that includes the latest technology and allows us to provide you with uninterrupted service. To accomplish this transition with no impact to you, please set up your new voicemail as soon as possible after the update has taken place.

30 days after your voicemail has been updated, your previously saved voicemail messages will be automatically deleted. See tips on how to record a saved voicemail below.

How to retain saved messages.

If you currently have saved voicemails and wish to retain them, please follow the recommendations below. We recommend taking action to retain any saved voicemails as early as possible, even before your voicemail has been updated.

If you have an Apple device with Apple Visual Voicemail, all your saved voicemails will be retained. After resetting your voicemail following the steps above, you will gain access to your visual voicemails.

There are several free apps on the Google Play Store that will allow you to record and save your voicemails. We recommend: Automatic Call Recorder developed by Appliquato.

  1. Download and launch the app.
  2. Dial into your voicemail system and access the old voicemails.
  3. Listen to the old saved voicemail.

NOTE: If you are doing this after your voicemail update, you will need to follow the steps here to access your voicemail.


  1. Close out of the voicemail app and the voicemail should be recorded.
  2. You can then choose to email or text the voicemail to yourself.

Important: The app will automatically record your calls when you are using the app. We recommend uninstalling the app after you are finished using it to retain any saved voicemails.


How to access your saved voicemails after the update.

After the update, all your previously saved voicemails will still be available within Apple Visual Voicemail.

After the update, you may still access your previously saved messages for 30 days. Press Option 4 from the new main menu, then press “*” to interrupt your previous greeting.

 Note that you will need your old voicemail PIN to access these saved voicemails.