unlimited home internet as low as $30 a month

Requires a new line of mobile service with an Unlimited postpaid plan, either new 4G Home Internet service with an Everywhere plan or 5G Home Internet service with an Even Better plan and Home Internet equipment purchase via 36 month installment contract. Plan offer paid via a $20 service credit that expires after 18 months. Equipment offer paid via a credit over 36 months. Taxes, fees and add. terms apply.

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uscellular Home internet Plans

Up to 300 Mbps

With speeds up to 300 Mbps, Home Internet+ is ready for anything your family throws at it – streaming, gaming, video calls, and eveything else.

Reliable Service

5G technology means a high-speed connection from the tower to your roof, with no wires running to the street.

How does Home internet with UScellular® work?

Home Internet is a fixed wireless service from UScellular that connects our customers to the internet in their homes and businesses. Everyone in UScellular’s coverage area is eligible. Unlimited Everywhere uses a special router that connects wirelessly to UScellular cell towers to provide the connection to the internet. It produces a Wi-Fi signal in your home or business, so all your Wi-Fi enabled devices like computers, smart TVs, tablets, security cameras, etc., are connected. Unlimited Even Better uses an outdoor antenna that’s professionally installed. It connects to a 5G-enabled cell tower and, paired with an internal Wi-Fi router, gives your whole home Wi-Fi device connectivity.

Are there data overages for Home Internet plans?

No, there are no data overage charges for Home Internet plans. With Home Internet Everywhere, once you reach your monthly high-speed data limit, speeds will automatically shift to 1.5Mbps for the rest of the month.

How do I know which Home Internet plans are available in my area?

Visit or call your nearest Cell.Plus location and review options for your physical address to find out which home internet plan is best for you.

What speeds does UScellular Home Internet provide?

Your speeds can vary. It all depends on the area, coverage, foliage, compression or the network management requirements of UScellular. So, we can’t guarantee coverage or speeds. For more detailed information on speeds and our network practices, please see UScellular’s Mobile Broadband Open Internet Practices.

What type of services can I use home internet for?
UScellular Home Internet will support Wi-Fi and internet connectivity for all the devices you use for working, streaming, gaming, shopping, etc. Some services that use a fixed or static IP address are not supported. For more information, please read our Terms and Conditions for UScellular Home Internet.