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High Speed Internet FAQs

Are there data overage charges for High-Speed Internet Plans?
No, there are no data overage charges for High-Speed Internet plans. Once you reach your plan’s monthly high-speed data allotment, speeds will automatically shift to 2G for the remainder of your billing cycle.
What speeds does U.S. Cellular high-Speed Internet provide?
Your speeds may vary due to area, coverage, foliage, compression or the network management requirements of U.S. Cellular and we do not guarantee coverage or speeds. For more detailed information on speeds and our network practices, please see U.S. Cellular’s Mobile Broadband Open Internet Practices.
What type of services can I use High-Speed Internet for?
U.S. Cellular High-Speed Internet will support Wi-Fi and internet connectivity for your connected devices including streaming, gaming, surfing the web, etc. Some services that utilize a fixed or static IP address are not supported. For more information please read our Terms and Conditions for U.S. Cellular High-Speed Internet.
How does U.S. Cellular's High-Speed Internet work?
High-Speed Internet is a fixed wireless service from U.S. Cellular that provides customers internet service for their homes and businesses. Everyone in U.S. Cellular’s 4G LTE coverage area is eligible.

The service utilizes a special router which connects wirelessly to the U.S. Cellular cell towers to provide the connection to the internet. The router also produces a Wifi signal in your house or business for your Wifi enabled devices such as smart TV’s, tablets, security cameras, etc..